Ohio’s 11th Congressional District (Democratic Defense)

Democratic Primary

Candidates: Martin Alexander, John Barnes Jr., James Jerome Bell, Shontel Brown, Seth Corey, Jeff Johnson, Will Knight, Pamela Pinkney, Isaac Powell, Lateek Shabazz, Tariq Shabazz, Shirley Smith, Nina Turner

Overview: We start in a district which spans from parts of Cleveland into…

Pennsylvania Senate District 22 (Democratic Defense)

Candidates: Marty Flynn (D), Chris Chermak (R), Marlene Sebastianelli (G), Nathan Covington (L)

Overview: We start with the most competitive election today, the first of four specials in the Keystone State. This Scranton-based district, which opened up after incumbent Democrat John Blake resigned to…

Connecticut House of Representatives District 112 (Republican Defense)

Candidates: Nick Kapoor (D), Tony Scott (R), William Furrier (I)

Overview: We start in Southeastern Connecticut, in a blue-trending district which includes the town of Monroe and part of Newtown. This district lurched left in 2020, going from an 11 point Trump…

Oklahoma State Senate District 22 (Republican Defense)

Candidates: Jake Merrick (R), Molly Ooten (D)

Overview: We start in a Republican district which stretches from the far Northwestern suburbs of Oklahoma City all the way to part of the city itself. This district, which backed Donald Trump 68–25 in 2016, was…

Maine State Senate District 14 (Democratic Defense)

Candidates: Craig Hickman (D), William Guerrette (R)

Overview: We start with the most competitive legislative special election yet this year, with two former State Representatives, Democrat Craig Hickman and Republican William Guerrette, facing off in the outskirts of Maine’s capital city. Donald Trump…

Alabama State Senate District 26 (Democratic Defense)

Candidates: Kirk Hatcher (D), William Green (R)

Overview: We start in Montgomery County, Alabama, where Democrats will look to defend a deeply Democratic seat which includes much of the city of Montgomery. This seat opened up when incumbent Democrat David Burkette resigned after…

Iowa Senate District 41 (Republican Defense)

Candidates: Adrian Dickey (R), Mary Stewart (D)

Overview: Just one special election today, and it will likely be the last one featuring candidates from both parties until March. The seat opened up when Republican incumbent Marianette Miller-Meeks was elected to represent Iowa’s 2nd Congressional…

Georgia Senate Runoffs (2 Republican Defenses, both incumbents running)

Candidates: Regular Election — Jon Ossoff (D), Incumbent David Perdue (R) Special Election — Raphael Warnock (D), Incumbent Kelly Loeffler (R)

Overview: We start with what everyone is focused on right, now the two US Senate runoffs in Georgia. While these…

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