Washington Primary Previews Part 2

By Matthew Carlson and John Cooke

Washington’s 1st Congressional District (Suzan DelBene Democrat)

Suzan DelBene has represented my congressional district since 2012. The Alabama native is one of the richest members of the US House being worth over $60,000,000. She first was elected 2012, when Jay Inslee resigned she was elected to finish his term, and then was re-elected to a full term. Being a moderate, she represents the district very well. Spanning four counties from the Seattle Suburbs to the Canadian border, including cities like Woodinville, Snohomish, Lake Stevens, Mount Vernon, and Lynden. She is a big business Democrat, formerly working for Microsoft, as well as helping create jobs in the district. She has done plenty of town halls and she is well liked from people who I talk to in the district, as she holds town halls very constantly. In a seat in the right political environment, the Democratic leaning seat could potentially flip. Sultan city council member Jeffery Beller is the lone Republican facing off against DelBene. Running on fixing Immigration, healthcare and the deficit, his campaign has struggled to get off the ground. Falling way behind in fundraising, he has only raised $7,140, as well as lack of name recognition, Sultan being a very small town inside of the district. While he may be struggling, he should be able to easily move onto the general election and then maybe, his campaign will pick up.

Washington 2nd Congressional District:

This coastal district has been represented by Democrat Rick Larsen since the year 2000. This year, he drew no major opposition, and the only Republican filed against him is “Uncle Mover”. Larson will win reelection handily.

Washington’s 3rd Congressional District

This district comprises the Southwestern part of Washington State. Republican Jamie Herrera-Beutler since 2011. Before redistricting it included heavily democratic areas around the State’s capital Olympia. Now however, those areas have been put into the new 10th district, and the 3rd district swings Republican. Herrera-Buetler will have a solid fight ahead of her in November as she has to battle against the current national political climate, and faces at least three quality Democratic challengers and one challenge from within her own party. However she should be re-elected to Congress in this district Trump won by seven points.

Washington’s 4th Congressional District (Dan Newhouse Republican)

Washington’s 4th district is the most conservative district in the state. Which is interesting cause it is the least white district in the state, with only 56% white, every other district is above 75% white. It also has the largest voting block of Hispanic voters in the state, at 39%. It has the Tri-Cities of Pasco, Richland and Kennewick, as well as Okanagan and Yakima. This is in the dead middle of the state over the mountain passes, very more rural compared to most of the state. This race is very interesting, as the Dem challenger Christine Brown, seems to be mounting a serious challenge to Dan Newhouse. The last time a Democrat has challenged in the district was 2012, when Mary Baechler ran against Doc Hastings. She was only able to raise a total of $34,000. Brown has raised $266,000 more than any Democrat has in this formation of the 4th. Running on expanding healthcare and protecting the environment, which are important issues to people in the district. This should be an interesting race to watch as a Democrat has never run against Dan Newhouse and never given him a fight. While it will likely stay in the Republican column, it will be interesting to see the turnout and the Dem base in this district.

Washington’s 5th Congressional District

This, even more than the 8th Congressional District, would be the biggest catch of 2018 for the Democrats. Cathy McMorris-Rogers, the third ranking Republican in the House, has represented this district since 2002, and faces a stiff challenge from former Spokane State Senator Lisa Brown, who has raised over two million dollars. This will be a race to watch for sure this election season.

Washington US Senate (Maria Cantwell, Democrat)

Maria Cantwell, since her 2000 election, has never had a competitive race. In 2012, she beat state Senator Michael Baumgartner 60.45–39.55. In 2006, she beat Mike McGavick 56.9–39.9. She beat two-time US Senator Slade Gorton by 2,000 votes in 2000. While not being the most vocal Senator in the Democratic caucus, she has 53% approval rating according to morning consult poll. Being very similar to Suzan DelBene, progressive on issues like gay marriage, pot, pro choice, but they are good with big business as she helped build RealINetworks Inc., she actually helped stream the first MLB game on the Internet in 1995. Cantwell, while maybe not the most progressive represents a majority of people in Washington well. Being similar with voters on reproductive rights, environmental issues, transportation and science as well as campaign finance reform. Facing her are 29 other candidates. Most likely to advance from that field is Susan Hutchison, a former popular TV anchor and chair of the Washington State Republican Party.

Washington’s 7th Congressional District (Democrat Pramila Jayapal)

Washington’s 7th district is the hear and soul of the liberal base, Seattle. In this very dark blue D+33 district according to Cook’s CPVI, one of the rising stars of the Democratic party won the seat last year, and is running again. Pramila Jayapal. Before becoming a member of the US House, she was an immigrant activist and lawyer, as well a State Senate member for the 37th District, which is part of Seattle. First elected last year she only won 56% of the vote in Seattle, winning 56–44. That being said, she was facing off against Democrat Brady Walkinshaw. She has a single challenger from the right of Craig Keller, a Republican. Keller’s platform seems to stand around workers right, rising wages, and to make sure that you have a good job. That is the only thing on his website, as well that he has only raise $3,100. Keller has no shot for one reason and one reason only; He’s a republican running in Seattle. It would take a very special republican to get 25% in Seattle. Jayapal is more than safe.


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Balanced, Non-Partisan Twitter Updates, specifically focusing on elections.